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Mississauga Real Estate, Wills & Power of Attorney Law Services

You will find we have an open and casual atmosphere with an approachable staff providing you with real estate and family law related legal services and advice   

 Real Estate Lawyer Cindy McGoldrick, LLB

Fixed Rate Quote for PURCHASER

All prices are effective as of August 1, 2014

Purchaser fixed rate quote    Seller fixed rate quote


Residential Properties ….……………………$699.00

Each Mortgage/Line of Credit with purchase…$249.00

Disbursements……………………………….$500.00 (approximate)

Title Insurance……………………………………….$325.00 (average, if home is under 450,000)


  • All legal fees and disbursements
  • Search Work
  • Preparation, closing and online conveyancing costs of all documentation
  • Couriers, Faxes, Postage, and Photocopy Charges


Evening hours (by appointment only)
Personal service and availability to discuss your concerns and requirements


The cost to review new home agreements $150.00, once we have completed the transaction we will credit you the $150.00.

Land Transfer Tax, Builders items payable on closing (brand new homes only), Affidavits to satisfy Similar Name Executions, Registration of Applications to clear title defects, Mortgage Application Fees, CMHC Insurance Premium, PST on CMHC Premium, Broker Fees (if applicable). Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Any additional Mortgage or Secured Line of Credit added to the purchased property at the cost of $99.00 + GST.

New mortgage arrangement

Fees $549.00

Disbursements (approx) $450.00

Transfer of Mortgage

With refinancing fees $259.00

Transfer only $329.00

Rural properties or Small Town Properties may be subject to additional charges for well/septic/zoning compliance, or manual conveyancing

Applicable government registration costs and taxes.

I've developed a PURCHASE QUESTIONNAIRE that will assist you with your documentation prior to our meeting

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